ООО Уральский Пружинный Завод
ООО Уральский Пружинный Завод

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ООО Уральский Пружинный Завод
Production of springs from round wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm to 36 mm from 1 pc.

Compression Spring Calculator - 24 Hours Made

Springs are painted with black polymer paint.
Данные расчета
F2 23,8 ±4,8 H Fкр 0 H F3 41,7 H l0 50 ±1,50 l2 30 lкр 0 l3 15 d 2 D1 30 ±0,60 t 7,8 Сталь Б2, ГОСТ 9389 409 704 0,017 1,19 14,00 2 6 8 ±0,5 2x30x50x8 2x30x50x8 шаблон чертежа пружины сжатия для калькулятора
  • Индекс пружины, i 14.00
  • Жесткость пружины c, Н/мм1.19
  • Длина заготовки, мм703.36
  • Рабочая нагрузка F2, Н 23.8 (2.43) +-4.8
  • Максимальная нагрузка F3, Н41.7 (4.25)
  • Шаг пружины t, мм 7.8
  • Масса заготовки, кг0.017
  • Коэффиц. кривизны витка пружины, k1.10
  • Максимал. кас. напряж. τ3max, МПа409
  • Расчётная величина прогиба S2, мм 20.00
  • Максимальный прогиб S3, мм 35.00
  • Общий допуск на диаметр, мм 1.2 - 0.60
  • Общий допуск на высоту, мм3.00 - 1.50
  • Общий допуск на витки, кол-во1 - 0.5
  • Величина отношения Ψ/d2.9167
  • Табличное значение0.5
  • Плотно сжатое состояние15
  • Жесткость одного витка c1, Н/мм7.14
  • Прогиб одного витка Ψ, мм5.8333
  • Spring : 2x30x50x8
  • Material standard : Сталь Б2, ГОСТ 9389
  • Metal weight/kg: 0.17
  • Number/pc:
    10 pieces
  • Order cost:

How to order and receive a spring

Want to buy a spring? Easily! With us you can place an order in a matter of minutes!
To order and receive the springs you are interested in, use the convenient service on our website. A few simple steps and you will buy springs that meet the requirements of high quality and reliability.

  1. Enter the required spring parameters into the "Spring Calculator" and click the "Calculate" button.
  2. The site will process the data of your request (if errors are found, the system will inform you about it), provide a drawing and display full information about the order, which will indicate the parameters of the spring, their number and cost of work.
  3. If you confirm the technical parameters and agree with the order value, enter the contact number of your cell phone in the "Phone" field. The specified number will receive data for access to your personal account, and you will also receive notifications about the status of the order.
  4. After entering all the data, click the "Checkout" button.
  5. Next, you can print an invoice from the list of orders. Our manager will receive a notification about the receipt of a new order and will definitely contact you to clarify the details.
  6. After receipt of payment, your order goes to production. All stages of the order and their implementation are reflected in the list of orders.
  7. As soon as your order is ready, it will be forwarded to the logistics department. Delivery information appears in the order list.

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