ООО Уральский Пружинный Завод
ООО Уральский Пружинный Завод

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ООО Уральский Пружинный Завод
Production of springs from round wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm to 36 mm from 1 pc.
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How to place an order for springs

Entering spring data into the calculator

Enter the required spring parameters into the spring calculator and click the "Calculate" button.

1 minute


Spring cost calculation

The site will calculate the spring according to your parameters (if errors are found, the system will report it) and display the drawing and data of the spring, quantity, cost.

less than 1 minute

Add spring to cart

If you are satisfied with the cost - click the "Add to cart" button. The position will be added to your cart, and you can continue to calculate other springs.

1 minute


To place an order, go to the "Cart" section. Enter your cell phone number, select the method of receiving the order, if necessary, you can add a comment to the order. Click the "Checkout" button. During business hours, the manager will contact you and clarify all the details of the order.

1-3 minutes

Order payment
After placing an order, you can pay for your order - online or receive an invoice for payment.
1-5 minutes
Track job status

After payment is received, your order is transferred to production. All stages of the order are reflected in the list of orders.

1 - 24 hours


Sending order

As soon as your order is ready, it will be transferred to the logistics department. Delivery information will appear in the list of orders.

1-3 hours